Meiga - Connection tests

If you are experiencing connection problems and you are a power user, try the following steps to test the UPnP features of your router.

Testing local connection

Test that the tool is serving properly in local. Share some directory (eg: under the name "share") and point your browser to http://localhost:8001/share . It should show the directory listing.

Testing LAN connection

If you have the opportunity, test the share from your local network (LAN or WIFI) using another computer. You'll need to find the local network IP of your computer. Just change to the Log tab and look for this line: "Found internal IP:" (with your corresponding IP, of course).

Point the browser in the other computer to . If it doesn't work, maybe you have some firewall enabled that is cutting the access. You'll need to open port 8001 (I can't give you more advice on that, refer to the documentation of your firewall).

Testing Internet connection

If that works, look for the following UPnP log lines (with your real address instead of

Found external IP:
Creating redirection
Redirection performed
External URL:

That would mean that the redirection is performed and your share should be available from outside using

Testing UPnP

If you get this message instead of the previous one:

External IP not found. Check that your router has UPnP enabled and working

Then there's some problem with UPnP. It can be caused by two factors:

If you want to make more tests, I'd suggest you to install the gupnp-tools package and launch the gupnp-universal-cp tool by hand from a text console.

If your router is properly offering UPnP services, you should be able to see it in the tree. Unfold the tree and look for a node called GetExternalIPAddress. Double click on it and press "Invoke" in the popup window that has just appeared. It should show you the external public IP address.

gupnp-universal-cp screenshot for GetExternalIPAddress

If everything goes right and you get the IP without errors, then it's time to test Meiga redirection utility and see if there's any problem. From a second text console, launch fwupnp without parameters. This will show the options of Meiga redirection utility. From there you can ask for the external IP:

$ fwupnp -i

You also can ask for the local IP and do the redirection by hand:

$ fwlocalip
$ fwupnp -r 8001 8001 prueba 0
Redirection *:8001 --> for 0 seconds performed

Then check from gupnp-universal-cp that the redirection has been performed, by invoking GetGenericPortMapping (try changing the index until you find the right redirection or until some errors are shown in the text console telling that the index is too high, that is, all the existing redirections have already been seen).

gupnp-universal-cp screenshot for GetGenericPortMapping

Finally, don't forget to delete the redirection:

$ fwupnp -d 8001
Deleted redirection *:8001

If something goes wrong in the previous tests, then some error in the UPnP layer is happening, caused either by your router implementation, by the libgupnp implementation or by a bug in Meiga.

Please, attach the results of the tests to any email asking for advice about connection problems.

Thank you very much!

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